TBA Registration Benefits

By Tenpin Bowling Australia
January 9, 2023

The Early Bird window for 2023 might be over but as we embark on the new year, the time is now to get that registration sorted.

Membership is vital for TBA to maintain, operate and grow an effective national bowler’s organisation and any bowler who bowls in a league at a registered Bowling Centre needs to be registered as a member.

TBA membership includes Personal Accident Insurance, which covers accidents occurring whilst members are involved in activities that take place in a Tenpin Bowling Australia registered centre. These activities include all official events, playing, training, official social events and fundraising activities, as well as travel to and from these activities in Australia.

Personal Accident Insurance covers non-Medicare covered expenses, the most common being private hospital bed & theatre fees, dental, ambulance, chiropractic, physiotherapy and osteopathy-related expenses. It’s a common misconception that registered centres hold insurance that will cover the bowlers in all circumstances. In fact, bowling centres hold Public Liability Insurance, which protects them in the event of an injured bowler bringing a claim against the centre as a result of negligence. However, accidents such as a bowler dropping a ball on their foot and requiring surgery with no fault of the bowling centre would be covered under TBA Personal Accident Insurance.

Along with many other advantages, TBA membership gives bowlers access to the TenpinResults online portal. The portal is an online page that shows all the bowlers league and tournament results in one place, and a number of interesting statistics including strike rate, spare rate, 9-pin conversion rate, pindication for each week bowled, makeable spares, splits percentage, Strike streaks, pins left after the first ball and more.

Through the Tenpin Results portal, bowlers can also see what pin awards they have achieved throughout the year.

TBA offers a number of award types to members who achieve major bowling performances during the league season, including bowling a 125 game, 150 game and so on, increasing in increments of 25 pins until the perfect game of 300.

Series Pin Awards are available starting with the 500 series and increasing in 50-pin increments until the 750 series pin, with Over Average and other special pins including Duplicate, Triplicate, All Spare Game, Dutch 200, 7-10 Split and the 4-6-7-10 split are also available.

Once a bowler receives the congratulatory email for their specific achievement, they can claim their pin awards through the link included in the communication, with the TBA Awards Office sending the pin to their home centre. Those who achieve a higher game in the league can also apply for a High Game Plaque, which is available for purchase. The first ever 300 game and first ever 800 series are available for free with the membership.

So far, 173 bowlers have achieved the perfect game (300) this year. Sixty-seven of those bowlers bowled the perfect game for the first time and received a free plaque.

Jewellery is also available for purchase to members with a 298, 299 or 300 game-high game achievement. Both can be ordered by completing a Plaque and Jewellery Order form. Jewellery takes approximately 6-8 weeks to be ordered, engraved and then dispatched to the bowler, to be enjoyed as a perfect reminder of the bowler’s high game achievement.

As members, bowlers will also receive assistance with rules enquiries as well as general enquiries, including online payments, missing results or awards.

To register a membership, bowlers can call, head online or pay at a registered bowling centre. If bowlers head online to www.tenpinresults.com.au/renew, they can purchase online.