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Tenpin Bowling Australia and host venue Tenpin City wish to advise that the 2021 NSW Open has been cancelled due to the ongoing COVID restrictions in place throughout NSW.

Halfway through the year! The month of June presents many opportunities to get involved in Tournament bowling!

In the first ranked event for the youth division in 2021, Emily Johnston and Jesse Ellis would both capture the first national titles of their careers.

Tenpin City host the first nationally ranked event for the Youth Division in 2021.

It’s gonna be May! Tournaments galore around the country in the fifth month of the year.

The Sydney Youth Cup entry form has been released!

Month number four in 2021 – April has arrived with a number of accredited events across the country

Sam Cooley is a PBA Tour Champion!

As we enter the third month of the year, there are plenty of opportunities for TBA members to get involved in Tournament bowling.

Who and what is the TBA NSW State Advisory Committee?

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