Return to Bowling Survey Results

By Matt Stevens
May 22, 2020

Tenpin Bowling Australia would like to thank all league bowlers for completing the recent Return to Bowling Survey.  TBA and the industry is keen to understand if league and tournament bowlers are ready to come back once centres open, along with understanding what safety concerns you may have and what we can do to address these.   

In welcome news, 68% of respondents answered – ‘I can’t wait to get going again – as soon as my centre and league resumes, I am happy to return’.

With regards to the most important measures a centre must take to help you feel safe, thorough cleaning of the player’s area and ball return before league commences along with hand sanitiser being readily available were the clear winners. 

TBA CEO Cara Honeychurch commented “Whilst we are working closely with bowling centres and government authorities to get the sport going as quickly as possible, we didn’t want to assume that bowlers were ready to return straight away.  However its reassuring to know that so many of you are keen to return straight away and what measures are most important to help you feel safe”.  

For those who requested a follow up phone call from your local centre and provided contact details, we have passed this information on.   Please allow some time for your centre to reach out to you. 

Once again thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.  Look forward to seeing you back on the lanes in the not too distant future!



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