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Bowlers wishing to be ranked must be current silver registered members.  Rankings points will only be recorded for bowlers competing in a ranked event if they were current financial silver registered members before bowling their first ball in that ranked event.  Please note that a silver registration consists of a league/junior membership + Silver Upgrade.

Centre Requirements

  • The Centre must have a current Regulation Bowling Lane Certificate.
  • The TBA Lane Conditioning Policy must be conformed with.
  • The bowling centre must be registered with Tenpin Bowling Australia Ltd.
  • The centre must have USBC sanctioned & approved Bowling Pins.
  • The centre must have fully operational foul lights (if not, foul judges must be in place).


National Elite Ranking System Policy


2022 Ranked Event Statement

Tenpin Bowling Australia is committed to continuing to confront the challenges of COVID-19 by adopting last year’s principle of enabling ‘Bowlers to Bowl’ in 2022.
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