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How Do I become a Ranked bowler in these events?

Bowlers wishing to be ranked must be current silver registered members.  Rankings points will only be recorded for bowlers competing in a ranked event if they were current financial silver registered members before bowling their first ball in that ranked event.  Please note that a silver registration consists of a league/junior membership + Silver Upgrade.

Designated State Approved Dates

Below are the approved dates  for all states and territories to conduct state championships and state team roll-offs for juniors, youth, adult, and senior bowlers. States may use any of the approved dates either for state championships or for roll-offs.

2023 Approved State Dates

  • 4-5 Feb 2023
  • 11-12 Feb 2023
  • 18-19 Mar 2023
  • 25-26 Mar 2023
  • 7-8 Oct 2023
  • 14-15 Oct 2023


Please head to the policies section of the website to view and ranked event policies. The Polices page can be found by clicking here

Ranked Event – Centre Requirements

  • The Centre must have a current Regulation Bowling Lane Certificate.
  • The TBA Lane Conditioning Policy must be conformed with.
  • The bowling centre must be registered with Tenpin Bowling Australia Ltd.
  • The centre must have USBC sanctioned & approved Bowling Pins.
  • The centre must have fully operational foul lights (if not, foul judges must be in place).

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