TBA accredited tournaments ensure uniformity in the basic tournament rules, plus entitle members to awards and give them an avenue to settle disputes.

The following are benefits and TBA services available to bowlers when participating in a TBA accredited event –

  • Standardised rules
  • Guidance on rules for your particular tournament
  • Expert assistance in resolving misunderstandings and problems if they arise
  • Systematic average adjustment procedures
  • Special recognition for high scores
  • Assurance of equitable distribution of prize funds
  • Ensures that the lanes you are bowling on have current certification
  • All TBA membership benefits apply.

Please Note: Whilst TBA will at all times vet details provided, this shall in no form or manner bind TBA Ltd as a guarantor for any prize money, to be responsible for any misprint, or for the possible misinterpretation of any rules that may be supplied by the Tournament organiser or promoters.

2023 Accredited Events

Please note – accredited events are subject to change due to the ever-evolving restrictions and closures regarding COVID-19. Check with your local centre and/or tournament organiser for more information

Please note, 2023 events are only on months that we have received and accredited at minimum one event.

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