Accredited Events

TBA accredited tournaments ensure uniformity in the basic tournament rules, plus entitle members to awards and give them an avenue to settle disputes. The following are benefits and TBA services available to bowlers when participating in a TBA accredited event –

  • Standardised rules
  • Guidance on rules for your particular tournament
  • Expert assistance in resolving misunderstandings and problems if they arise
  • Systematic average adjustment procedures
  • Special recognition for high scores
  • Assurance of equitable distribution of prize funds
  • Ensures that the lanes you are bowling on have current certification
  • All TBA membership benefits apply.

Please Note: Whilst TBA will at all times vet details provided, this shall in no form or manner bind TBA Ltd as a guarantor for any prize money, to be responsible for any misprint, or for the possible misinterpretation of any rules that may be supplied by the Tournament organiser or promoters.

2019 Accredited Events


1-2/6/192019 Tasmanian State Team ChallengeZONE BOWLING MoonahTas
1-2/6/19UTBA ChampionshipsOz Tenpin EppingVic
1-2/6/19Central Coast Cup – Regional Tour StopGosford TenpinNSW
2/6/19ATBSOQ Doubles JuneSunset SuperbowlQld
2/6/19NSW RITBA Travel LeagueWindsor BowlNSW
2/6/192019 RJTBA Junior Handicap MastersRockhampton Tenpin BowlQld
2/6/19SA Adult Circuit – SprintsZONE BOWLING Cross RoadSA
2/6/192019 Northern Premier LeagueRaymond Terrace & MaitlandNSW
2/6/19Victorian Bowling CircuitZONE BOWLING HighpointVic
2/6/192019 Ballina OpenBallina TenpinNSW
3/6/192019 W.A. Day Classic Cup 
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31st National Disability Championships
ZONE BOWLING Tuggeranong
8-10/6/19Association Challenge (North Qld)Rockhampton Tenpin BowlQld
Schweppes Melbourne Tenpin Cup
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Oz Tenpin Chirnside Park
8-9/6/19SA Open Deaf ChampionshipsZONE BOWLING Cross RoadSA
8-9/6/19Tenpin Sydney ChampionshipsZONE BOWLING Rooty HillNSW
9/6/19ATBSO WA Joondalup ClassicZONE BOWLING JoondalupWA
9/6/19TQI Under 23 Youth Junior Inter Centre Rd 4Caboolture BowlQld
9-11/6/19Victorian Country Senior ShieldOz Tenpin SheppartonVic
10/6/19East Coast Challenge Roll Off SydneyZONE BOWLING Rooty HillVic
15-16/6/192020 TAS President Shield TrialsDevonport BowlTas
15-16/6/192019 VIC East Coast Challenge Team TrialsOz Tenpin EppingVic
16/6/192019 Colliers Bowler of the MonthSunset SuperbowlQld
16/6/192019 ATBSO ACT Winter SinglesZONE BOWLING TuggeranongACT
16/6/19Ted Durand Mid Coast CupGosford City BowlNSW
16/6/192019 NSW Junior Intercentre – Central CoastBateau Bay TenpinNSW
16/6/192019 NSW Junior Intercentre – Central WestOrange TenpinNSW
16/6/192019 NSW Junior Intercentre – Greater SydneyBowlarama Wetherill ParkNSW
16/6/19ATBSO TAS Singles Eliminations JuneZONE BOWLING MoonahTAS
16-18/6/192019 Orange City ChampionshipsOrange Tenpin BowlNSW
22/6/192019 East Coast Challenge CupLogan Tenpin BowlQld
22-23/6/19South West Zone Country ChallengeDubbo Tenpin BowlNSW
22-23/6/19Lexus of Townsville 2019 Sun City OpenTownsville TenpinQld
22-23/6/19South Eastern Zone Country ChallengeWindsor BowlNSW
Sydney Senior Classic
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22-30/6/192019 Adult City Championships & Hobart MastersZONE BOWLING MoonahTas
23/6/19TQI Disabilities Intercentre Rd 3Mt Warren LanesQld
23/6/192019 RTBA Restricted MastersRockhampton Tenpin BowlQld
23/6/192019 RTBA Closed MastersRockhampton Tenpin BowlQld
23/6/19Northern Country ChallengeTerrace StrikezoneNSW
23/6/19SA Junior Circuit – Noarlunga JuneZONE BOWLING NoarlungaSA
2019 SA Open – entry form
30/6/19ATBSO WA Singles JuneZONE BOWLING CanningtonWA
30/6/192019 RTBA Star Bowler of the YearRockhampton Tenpin BowlQld
30/6/192019 Over 45 Seniors Melbourne CupZONE BOWLING HighpointVic


5-7/7/192019 North Qld Junior ChampionshipsGo Bowling CairnsQld
6-7/7/1932nd Annual Caboolture OpenCaboolture BowlQld
7/7/192019 Colliers Bowler of the MonthSunset SuperbowlQld
7/7/192019 Northern Premier LeagueGosford & Bateau BayNSW
21st Annual Qld Ladies Classic – entry form
Caboolture Bowl
14/7-18/8/192019 WTBA & Pinkys Pizza Junior Graded MastersGreat Ocean Road TenpinVic
Queensland Junior Cup – entry form
Strathpine Hyperbowl
21/7/192019 RTBA Gormans DoublesRockhampton Tenpin BowlQld
21/7/19Ted Durand Mid Coast CupBateau Bay TenpinNSW
27-28/7/192019 Mackay OpenMackay Leisure CentreQld
27/7/192019 ATBSO ACT July SinglesZONE BOWLING TuggeranongACT
27-28/7/19QRI IntercityRockhampton Tenpin BowlQld
27-28/7/19South Eastern Zone Country ChallengeShellharbour BowlNSW
27/7-4/8/1955th Tasmanian State Championships & MastersLaunceston LanesTas
28/7/19ATBSO WA ChampionshipsZONE BOWLING JoondalupWA
28/7/19TQI Under 23 Youth Junior Inter Centre Rd 5ZONE BOWLIN CapalabaQld
28/7/19Northern Country ChallengeBateau Bay TenpinNSW
14/7/19Geelong Graded ClassicOz Tenpin GeelongVIC


4/8/192019 Colliers Bowler of the MonthSunset SuperbowlQld
4-23/8/192019 Warrnambool Adult ChampionshipsGreat Ocean Road TenpinVic
10/8-8/9/192019 WTBA & Pinkys Pizza Junior Open MastersGreat Ocean Road TenpinVic
10-11/8/19ATBSOQ Singles AugustMt Warren LanesQld
10-11/8/19South West Zone Country ChallengeWagga Bowl & EntNSW
10-22/8/192019 Holt Bowling Carnival and ChallengeSunset SuperbowlQld
11/8/19ATBSO WA Rememberance TournamentZONE BOWLING CanningtonWA
11/8/192019 NSW Junior Intercentre – Central CoastTerrace StrikezoneNSW
11/8/192019 NSW Junior Intercentre – Central WestDubbo Tenpin BowlNSW
11/8/192019 NSW Junior Intercentre – Greater SydneyTenpin CityNSW
11/8/19TBAQ Inter-school ChallengeVarious CentresQld
14/8/192019 Northern Premier LeagueRaynond Terrace & Bateau BayNSW
2019 Gold Coast Cup – entry form
Coolangatta Tweed Tenpin
17-18/8/19The Rockets Disability InvitationalZONE BOWLING Rooty HillNSW
17-18/9/192019 Junior Youth CupGo Bowling CairnsQld
18/8/19TQI Disabilities Intercentre Rd 4Strathpine HyperbowlQld
18/8/192019 RJTBA & RTBA Junior Senior ChallengeRockhampton Tenpin BowlQld
18/8/19Ted Durand Mid Coast CupMaitland SuperstrikeNSW
18/8/19ATBSO TAS Top Guns AugustZONE BOWLING MoonahTas
23/8-2/9/19ATBSO National ChallengeSunset SuperbowlQld
25/8/19NSW RITBA Travel LeagueBathurst TenpinNSW
25/8/19Northern Country ChallengeGosford City BowlNSW
18/8/19TQI Under 23 Youth Junior Inter Centre Rd 6Go Bowling AshmoreQld
4/8/192020 NSW Disability Team TrialsBowlarama Wetherill ParkNSW
10,11,16,17/8/19GTBA ChampionshipsOz Tenpin GeelongVic
23-24/8/192019 Goldpin Emerson ShieldOz Tenpin Narre Warren & WarrnamboolVic
31/8 -1/9/192020 South Queensland President Shield TrialsAspley 10PinQld
17-26/8/192019 Latrobe Valley ChampionshipsWyncity MorwellVic
3-4/8/192020 NSW Junior & Youth Team Roll OffBowlarama Wetherill Park & Gosford City BowlNSW
4-5/8/19 2019 Senior Junior Handicap DoublesWyncity MorwellVic
17-18/8/19Mildura 60 Game MarathonSunraysia Tenpin BowlVic
16/8/19CTBA DoublesColac Strikes & SparesVic


4-9/9/192019 Queensland Disability ChampionshipsCaboolture BowlQld
14-15/9/19South West Zone Country ChallengeOrange TenpinNSW
14-15/9/19South Eastern Zone Country ChallengeWindsor BowlNSW
15/9/19ATBSOQ Singles SeptemberAspley 10PinQld
15/9/192019 Colliers Bowler of the MonthSunset SuperbowlQld
15/9/192019 RJTBA Junior Closed MastersRockhampton Tenpin BowlQld
15/9/192019 RJTBA League Team of the YearRockhampton Tenpin BowlQld
15/9/19Ted Durand Mid Coast CupGosford City BowlNSW
15/9/192019 Northern Premier League – GRAND FINALcentre to be advisedNSW
15/9/19SA Junior Circuit – Woodville SeptemberZONE BOWLING WoodvilleSA
22/9/19ATBSO WA Singles SeptemberZONE BOWLING MorleyWA
22/9/19Northern Country ChallengeBateau Bay TenpinNSW
22/9/192019 ATBSO ACT Spring SinglesZONE BOWLING TuggeranongACT
28/9-5/10/19East Coast Challenge Cup & ChampionshipsOz Tenpin EppingVic
29/9/19ATBSOQ Singles SeptemberLogan Tenpin BowlQld
15/9/192019 Morley ClassicZONE BOWLING MorleyWA
21-22/9/1927th Melbourne City Tenpin Bowling Championships for Persons with a DisabilityZONE BOWLING FrankstonVic
15/9/192019 Peter Selakovic, Ehteridge & Ray Taylor ClassicZONE BOWLING Keon ParkVic
1/9/192020 ACT Youth Challenge and President Team TrialsZONE BOWLING TuggeranongACT
21-23/9/19North Queensland Junior Intercity ShiieldMackay Leisure CentreQLD
7-15/9/192019 Cairns City Championships & Intercentre SelectionGo Bowling CairnsQLD
29/9/19Western Sydney CupBowlarama Wetherill ParkNSW
21-29/9/19Alice Springs ChampionshipsThe Dust BowlNT
8/9/19Far Northern Zone Country ChallengeGalactic Tenpin BowlNSW
22/9/19SA Adult Circuit – Top 32 CombinationBowland SalisburySA


2019 Australian Adult Championship
7-11/10/1917th Australian Masters GamesZONE BOWLING WoodvilleSA
13/10/192019 Colliers Bowler of the MonthSunset SuperbowlQld
13/10/192019 NSW Junior Intercentre – Central CoastGosford City BowlNSW
13/10/192019 NSW Junior Intercentre – Central WestOrange Tenpin BowlNSW
13/10/192019 NSW Junior Intercentre – Greater SydneyCampbelltown City BowlNSW
19-20/10/192019 Orange City Disability ChampionshipsOrange Tenpin BowlNSW
20/10/19ATBSO WA Singles SeptemberZONE BOWLING RockinghamWA
20/10/19TQI Under 23 Youth Junior Inter Centre Rd 7Logan Tenpin BowlQld
20/10/19Ted Durand Mid Coast CupTerrace StrikezoneNSW
20/10/19Leo Kenshole Memorial ClassicGreat Ocean Road TenpinVic
20/10/19SA Junior Circuit – Noarlunga OctoberZONE BOWLING NoarlungaSA
27/10/19NSW RITBA Travel LeagueBowlarama Wetherill ParkNSW
27/10/192019 Colliers Top Gun SinglesSunset SuperbowlQld
27/10/19Goldpin Senior Cup 2020Oz Tenpin GeelongVic
12-13/10/19Wyncity Junior ChampionshipsWyncity Point CookVic
19/10/19Devonport Junior ChampionshipsDevonport BowlTas
5-6/10/192019 WBT Toowoomba OpenSunset SuperbowlQld
12-13/10/192020 Association Challenge Roll Off BundabergBundy Bowl & LeisureQld
20/10/19ATBSOV 2019 Five of the BestZONE BOWLING HighpointVic


3/11/19ATBSOQ Singles NovemberStrathpine HyperbowlQld
3/11/19TQI Disabilities Intercentre Rd 5Sunset SuperbowlQld
3/11/192019 RJTBA Jill King Memorial TournamentRockhampton Tenpin BowlQld
3/11/192019 ATBSO ACT Summer DoublesZONE BOWLING BelconnenACT
9-10/11/19QRI Gavin Christensen MemorialZONE BOWLING RichlandsQld
9-10/11/19Dunn ShieldZONE BOWLING Keon ParkVic
10/11/192019 Colliers Bowler of the MonthSunset SuperbowlQld
10/11/192019 RJTBA Star of the YearRockhampton Tenpin BowlQld
17/11/19ATBSO WA Singles NovemberZONE BOWLING CanningtonWA
17/11/19TQI Under 23 Youth Junior Inter Centre Rd 8Caboolture BowlQld
17/11/192019 Colliers Bowler of the YearSunset SuperbowlQld
17/11/192019 RTBA Gormans DoublesRockhampton Tenpin BowlQld
17/11/19Ted Durand Mid Coast CupWarners Bay SuperstrikeNSW
17/11/192019 NSW Junior Intercentre STATE FINALBowlarama Wetherill ParkNSW
Grand National Eliminator – entry form
Caboolture Bowl
24/11/192019 Colliers Champion of ChampionsSunset SuperbowlQld
30/11-1/12/19NSW RITBA Travel LeagueZONE BOWLING Rooty HillNSW
30/11/192019 Disability Bowler of the YearSunset SuperbowlQld
23-24/11/19Final Goldpin Emerson ShieldOz Tenpin GreensboroughVic
16-17/11/192019 Goldpin Junior ShieldWyncity MorwellVic
16-17/11/19Devonport Adult ChampionshipsDevonport BowlTas
16-17/11/19NSW Country Challenge Grand FinalGosford City BowlNSW


1/12/19ATBSOQ Singles DecemberCaboolture BowlQld
1/12/19SA Junior Circuit – Cross Road DecemberZONE BOWLING Cross RoadSA
8/12/192019 Colliers Junior Bowler of the YearSunset SuperbowlQld
8/12/192019 Colliers Bumper Bowler of the YearSunset SuperbowlQld
8/12/192019 ATBSO ACT Summer SinglesZONE BOWLING TuggeranongACT
15/12/19ATBSO WA Singles DecemberZONE BOWLING JoondalupWA
1/12/192019 Junior ShieldZONE BOWLING FrankstonVic

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