COVID-19 Events & Programs

Accredited Events

Updated on the 21st August 2020: New South Wales

Due to the new COVID-19 restrictions now in place for NSW, TBA has today announced that all inter-centre tournaments/competition are to be cancelled or suspended in the state of NSW until 30th September 2020 whereby an update will be provided, either by TBA or the NSW Chief Medical Officer. In summary, sporting organisations have been asked to suspend competitions and activities that result in the mixing of participants from different regions for 6 weeks. These recommendations from the NSW Chief Medical Officer can be found on an official letter here

If you have any questions regarding transferring your tournament accreditation fee or a refund on a fee for a cancelled event, please contact [email protected]

Participation Programs

Updated on the 1/6/20

Bowl Patrol and BowlAbilities programs for Term 1 and 2 were postponed. As each state and territory’s Return to Play policy will be different, the decision regarding programs for Term 3 start will be made on a state by state basis. Please continue to check the ‘Find a Program’ page on the Bowl Patrol or BowlAbilities websites. We thank you for your patience as we ensure a safe return to our participation programs.

If you have any questions related to these programs or wish to express your interest, please contact Emily Rennes (Bowl Patrol) at [email protected] or Carrie Prosser-Shaw (Bowl Abilities) at [email protected]

National Championships

Updated on the 27th April 2020:

This event has been cancelled with no rescheduling to occur in 2020. The process of refunding entry fees paid for this event has now been completed. If you have any questions regarding refunds or this event, please contact Kortnee Morcus on [email protected]

Updated on the 16th March 2020:

TBA in conjunction with the Australian Disability Tenpin (ADT) have made the decision to cancel the upcoming National Tenpin Bowling Championship for Persons with a Disability in June 2020 at ZONE BOWLING Mt Gravatt. This event will not be run in 2020.

TBA is currently working with Australian Disability Tenpin (ADT) on ensuring refunds for entries are processed. Due to the high number of entrants, please allow some time for this process to be completed. All bowlers will receive correspondence from ADT or TBA in the coming weeks updating you on this process.

Updated on the 30th March 2020

The 2020 Australian Adult Championship has been cancelled.  

Whilst clearly disappointing we are already focused on 2021 which will bring the Junior, Youth and Adult National Championship together with Devil’s Lair and the new Strike 3 event.  Read more here

The 2020 Devil’s Lair Tasmania event has also been cancelled.  Strike 3 is encouraging ticket holders to retain their existing tickets as they will be honoured for the new corresponding event dates. The 2021 rescheduled dates will be Friday July 30, Saturday July 31 and Sunday August 1. Read more here

Ranked Events

Updated on the 17th June 2020 :

TBA announces that the 2020 National Ranking Point system has been cancelled.

The decision to remove the points system for the year does not prevent ranked events from running in 2020. Read more here.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

The following ranked events have been cancelled or postponed. Please contact tournament organisers for more information.

  • 19/6/20 – NSW Open – 5th-6th September 2020 – Postponed until further notice
  • 16/3/20– Australian Open – 10th April 2020 – Postponed until further notice – link
  • 16/3/20– Vic150 – 10th April 2020 – Postponed until further notice – link
  • 17/3/20– Sydney Youth Cup – 23rd-24th May 2020 – Postponed until further notice – link
  • 17/3/20– South Australia Seniors Classic – 25th and 26th April – Cancelled – link
  • 17/3/20– Queensland Ladies Classic – 16th & 17th May – Postponed until further notice – link
  • 30/6/20- Melbourne Tenpin Cup – cancelled
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