Belmo’s support of Bowl Patrol attracts international interest

By Chris Rushton
October 24, 2019

Bowl Patrol Ambassador Jason Belmonte recently posted on Facebook, showing the resources he partnered with Tenpin Bowling Australia on, to teach kids how to bowl with two hands.

National Program Manager, Emily Rennes caught the Bowl Patrol tag in the post and was surprised by the reaction; “we saw enquiries roll in from both the United Kingdom and Unites States of America from organisations wanting to adopt this program”. Fans and coaches alike were keen to learn the tricks Belmo shares with us in the resources designed for Bowl Patrol’s primary-school aged participants.

Jason Belmonte posts his 2 Handed bowling resources for Bowl Patrol on Facebook

The post itself has over 1000 like-reactions with 100 comments and 50 shares. This sort of exposure shows the world that Tenpin Bowling Australia, together with Belmo, are here to support the next generation of bowlers through the Bowl Patrol program.

Coaches of the popular Bowl Patrol program can now integrate two-handed bowling in to the eight-week curriculum. The resources, which are accompanied by an online video where Jason instructs the ‘how to’, are free for registered Lane Rangers (coaches) and a World-first along with many of the other program modifications.

“The emails and messages that followed Jason’s post prove there’s an appetite for this resource globally” Emily added. In the future we’d love to package it up for our international neighbours. We’re excited to see our coaches teaching this to young bowlers, giving them additional options and techniques for delivery until they find their own unique style.

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