Sport Integrity

Sport is an Australian way of life. It brings people together, transcending differences in language, ability, culture and beliefs, and provides physical, social and economic benefits.

Threats to sports integrity include competition manipulation, doping, and behaviours that impact people’s positive experience of sport, such as discrimination or abuse.

Integrity in sport means that athletes, supporters and fans can participate and celebrate sport, confident in the knowledge that they are part of a safe, ethical and inclusive environment.

Tenpin Bowling Australia takes integrity seriously.

All our members and participants have an obligation to protect and maintain the integrity of sport, as well as the health and wellbeing of our athletes.

We work closely with Sport Integrity Australia, the federal agency established to prevent and deal with integrity threats in sport. For more information visit the Sport Integrity Australia website.

What is the National Integrity Framework?

On this page, you will find our integrity rules, education resources, information about the different topics and instructions on how to lodge a complaint.

We take sport integrity seriously and the following policies were approved in June 2022.

Fact Sheets

Please find explainer documents specific to each policy including how to report and prohibited conduct specific to each policy.

We want to protect athletes, prevent doping and maintain the integrity of Tenpin Bowling. To do this, we need to educate people about the benefits of keeping our sport clean. Sport Integrity Australia has some wonderful resources available about sport integrity for all levels of athletes, their parents, teachers, coaches and support personnel.

Everyone from athletes, parents, support personnel, administrators and supporters play a role in protecting the integrity of our sport.

If you see something, say something!

Tenpin Bowling has opted-in to the independent complaints handling process for integrity-related issues run by Sport Integrity Australia.

From June 2022, concerns or complaints about alleged breaches of our National Integrity Framework can be reported directly to Sport Integrity Australia through the following methods:

  • Filling in a formal complaint or reporting a concern through the form on the Sport Integrity Australia website
  • Phoning 13 000 27232
  • Completing the ‘report an issue’ form in the Sport Integrity App. This can be anonymous if you choose.

All alleged breaches in relation to our National Integrity Framework and associated integrity policies will be managed under our Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy.  This sets out the process for resolving complaints arising from a breach of an eligible policy.  

Complaints in relation to breaches under the National Integrity Framework will be managed independently by Sport Integrity Australia. 

Sport should be a safe and fair place for all participants.

Sport Integrity Australia offers a safe place for people to raise concerns about behaviour they’ve witnessed or experienced in sport.

Click here to find information about how to raise a concern, and what will happen with the information provided to Sport Integrity Australia.

Sport Integrity Australia Complaint & Dispute Flowchart

Complaint & Dispute Flowchart

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