Lane Accreditation Policy

TBA will continue to work cooperatively with its registered Centres to ensure that lanes in all registered Centres are approved to be technically correct by World Standards and to deliver its mission statement to:

Work with industry to continually improve the tenpin bowling experience.

From 2015 TBA will no longer charge a lane certification fee.  Centres that have agreed to sell TBA Sports Registration to all league bowlers by one of the two membership methods will be deemed Registered Centres of Tenpin Bowling Australia, provided they continue to abide by the requirements as outlined in the Lane Registration/Certification Policy.

No additional payments other than travel costs under certain circumstances will be required to TBA by the Centre.


Inspections for a Lane Certificate will only be carried out by persons who have been Licensed and approved by Tenpin Bowling Australia (herein referred to as a registered lane measurer).  They will measure and inspect the lanes on which approved leagues and/or tournaments may be scheduled.

The completed application form will be forwarded to Tenpin Bowling Australia with recommendations and if all specifications of TBA have been complied with, a Lane Certificate will be issued.

Tenpin Bowling Australia will advise a centre when their lanes are due for certification.  For more detailed information regarding the lane accreditation process please refer to the Centre Registration Policy & Lane Accreditation Policy.