How to Become a Coach

Accreditation Levels

There are three levels of Tenpin Bowling Coaching Accreditation: Level 1, Bronze and Silver.

Each level provides the relevant information to equip coaches with the resources necessary to coach athletes associated with that level.

Each level must be satisfactorily attained before a coach can upgrade to the next level.

Benefits of Being a Tenpin Bowling Coach

Registration fees include the following:

  • Registration with Tenpin Bowling Australia for 2 years 
  • Registration with the Australian Sports Commission National Coach Accreditation Scheme
  • TBA Coach ID Tag
  • Opportunities to coach in TBA registered centres and attend the annual coaching conference and other workshops with the national coach
  • Dependent on your qualifications, the opportunity to coach local, state and national teams

$20 Million in Public Liability Insurance
$5 Million in Professional Indemnity 

Knowledge & Professional Development 

  • Improve knowledge of the sport and coaching techniques
  • Networking opportunities to share knowledge and exchange new approaches to coaching 
  • Learn tools to improve an athletes mental, physical and social development

Click the links below to find out more information on specific courses:
Level 1