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Bowler Portal - More Stats Now Available!

Monday, September 11, 2017

TBA and Tenpin Results have improved the statistics in your bowler portal so you can now see more league and tournament statistics than ever before in a more user friendly layout.

Have you ever wondered how many strikes you bowl per game or the percentage of single pin spares that you convert?  Well you are about to find out! 

Every TBA member whose centre has the League Data Extractor (LDE) will now be able to view these personal statistics and more.  And if you are a tournament bowler, you’ll be able to compare how your league average stacks up against your tournament average.
The clear and easy-to-read dashboard also shows your results and now includes your average across all leagues in 2017 which we call your “Green Average”. 

The portal now includes easy to view dials, illustrating your strike and spare percentage in the last 7 to 14 days.

In addition, your portal still allows you to claim your awards, update your personal details, or print a temporary card as well as renewing or upgrading your sports registration.

So why not check it out now? How do your stats stack up against Australian Representative Bec Whiting?
To login to your portal, visit