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NTTBA High Performance Program


The NT Tenpin Bowling Association was the first tenpin bowling association in Australia to develop a holistic tenpin bowling program incorporating all of the Sports Sciences.  This was developed in conjunction with the Northern Territory Institute of Sport when tenpin bowling was admitted as a Squad Sport in 1997.  The Northern Territory Tenpin Bowling Association is the only tenpin bowling association in Australia to be serviced by a Sports Institute.  Through concentrated liaison with Sports Scientists and High Performance staff from both the Northern Territory Institute of Sport and the Australian Sports Commission a National Program for High Performance Coach Education was developed which became part of the Tenpin Bowling Australia High Performance Program in 1999.

The High Performance Coach Education then turned to Bowler Education where a series of education modules were developed to educate our athletes and develop a High Performance culture which has culminated in our Open Teams performing consistently in National Competitions and athletes from the Northern Territory representing Australia on many occasions.

June Voukolos, Head Coach quickly realised that if we were to be able to compete on a National and International arena, athletes from the Northern Territory would need to be fitter, stronger, have good technical knowledge, have stringent nutritional regimes, use sport psychology techniques during competitions and not make excuses for lane conditions not being the same as at home.  They would have to be prepared to travel to events to improve their skills and work hard on and off lanes to be the best bowlers that they could be.

Our program is based around highly educated coaches and individual athlete programs being developed co-jointly with athlete and coach ready for the competitive season.

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For further information, contact Chris Kirwin.  Contact info is available on the 'About Us' page.

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