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National Training Squad


National Training Squad Page


Check out the NTS page for all information relating to the National Training Squad. See pictures of the athletes, training date information and selection guidelines.



ASADA for Athletes in State Based Training and National Training Squad

Athletes are responsible for any substance found in their body regardless of how it got there.


As an athlete it is your responsibility to ensure any medications (including supplements) you are taking are approved by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA).


ASADA is working to protect the right of athletes to participate in doping-free sport and it is important that athletes, coaches and administrators are aware of their responsibilities to comply.


As an athlete, you have a duty to your sponsors, your coaches and your fans to achieve pure performance in sport. We all have a responsibility to keep our sport free from doping.


Important Information for Athletes Regarding the Prohibited List

As the Prohibited List is reviewed and updated constantly, it’s extremely important that you always check any substances before taking them. Please refer to the ‘Check Your Substances’ link to ensure that the substance is not on the prohibited list.


All athletes that are current members of their state based training program or members of the National Training Squad are required to complete the ASADA e-learning online training program; a series of six 20 minute interactive modules. To find out more and register for the program click here


Selection Policy Guidelines

This link will take you to the Australian Sports Commisson guidelines for selection policies.  The following areas are covered:

• A brief introduction

• Developing the selection policy

• Selectors

• Implementing the selection policy

• Review or appeals process

• Plus further information and help  


The "Draft": National Policy

For athletes who are not selected to represent their State in a National event, there may be an opportunity to be drafted to represent another state.  Click here for policy details.

Code of Conduct

All bowlers are required to demonstrate sportsmanship like behaviour during local competition or when representing their State or Country.

Click here for the Bowlers Code of Ethics.

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