At the half-way point of the two-week carnival of bowling action, Tenpin City in Sydney is bustling with the sound of tenpins flying, wall-to-wall smiles and high-fives across the lanes.[more]

With the right to represent Australia at the 50th QubicaAMF World Cup on offer, AMF Keon Park in Melbourne hosted the running of the Vic 150 and the Australian Open over the Easter long weekend.[more]

TBA is pleased to announce some changes for the 2014 Adult National Championship. [more]

Tenpin Bowling Australia Limited seeks nominations from interested accredited Coaches and accredited Managers to support our National Coach with 2014 National Teams.[more]

As you are aware Tenpin Bowling Australia is partnering with USBC to deliver coaching courses throughout Australia. [more]

Australian Schools Expression of Interest - Kuwait[more]

Planet Tenpin hosted the first Women's Ranked Event for 2014, the Fishing World Ladies Classic over the weekend.[more]

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