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13.02.17 12:34 Age: 2 yrs


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By: Dion Alexander

The 2017 Adult Restricted Masters & Seniors Masters have been run and won!!

After a weekend of full squads, record breaking temperatures in Sydney and great entries the 2017 NSW Adult Restricted Masters Champions and 2017 NSW Seniors Masters Champions have been crowned.


With greater qualifying attempts in the Seniors saw some great bowling come to the finals. In the first 6 games the 2015 NSW Seniors Cup Champion Steve Lenton was dominate finishing +134, 93 pins in front of Michael Smidt and equalling the tournament high game with a 279 in game 6. In the ladies the Defending Champion Noelle Bakirtzidis took a commanding lead from game 1 and stayed there throughout the 6 games.


The 2-game aggregate finals saw some interesting bowling with a number of lead changes. Lenton started consistent in the final against Smidt closing every frame until the 10th frame and struggling with 10pin carry on the left lane keeping the match tight. Smidt looked like he was going to take control of the game with a turkey starting in the 6th frame but an open 9th and 10th frame saw him 13 pins behind heading into the second game. Lenton started game 2 the way he had game 1 staying clean but struggling to hold the pocket on the left lane coming high for a 3-6 leave on two occasions. Smidt after a split in the 5th frame needed to find another gear as the deficit stretched to 22 pins. A turkey again starting in the 6th fram drew the match tight as Lenton went high to leave a 4-6-7 split and open the game up for Smidt to take. Smidt delivering a strike for the first shot in the 10th sealed the deal and took the title.


In the ladies Noelle started cleaned and with a turkey starting in the 8th frame outscored the men and had a dominate lead 199-134 going into the second game. Having a little cold feet in the start of the second game the Defending Champion looked like she was about to let Sue back into the game but consolidating with a strike in the 7th frame Noelle took back control of the match and claimed her second consecutive NSW Seniors Masters title.


The Restricted Masters saw some close bowling and bowlers moving up and down the standings for the 6 games. The ladies Defending Champion Kerry-Anne Charry was dominate in the first 6 game sprint heading up the field by 135 pins. Kayla Gill narrowly made it through to the final by a mere 2 pins to third placed Tanya Buttigieg. In the men Defending Champion Clinton 'Barney' French fell just short of making it through to the final to 2014 Champion David West. Tamworth's Kobe Russell lead the way averaging 25 pins above his entering average to qualify first for the 2-game playoff.


In the 2-game final a very shaky start from Defending Champion Charry had her trailing by 29 pins after the first game and the young Gill looked in a good position to take out the title. Charry, however, had different ideas opening up with a turkey and consolidating this with another turkey through the 7th, 8th and 9th frames to defend her title. The mens match was hotly contested threatening to blow out in the early part of the first game when Russell clinched a double in the 5th and 6th frames but an open 7th frame saw the 2014 Champion come back into the picture and by the end the first game West only trailed by 7 pins. A less than ideal first 5 frames by the 2014 Champion saw him trailing by 57 pins and not much time to make up. Russell did enough to keep West at bay and got it done by 35 pins in the end claiming his first Restricted Masters title.


Full results can be found at Tenpin Results. Keep up-to-date with all the Championships action on the same sight and head to Tenpin City Live for live frame-by-frame scoring.


The NSW State Championships will run at Tenpin City until the 26th February.

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