National Training Squad athletes have the ability to be selected to represent Australia at a variety of International Events. 

The NTS also have access to coaching with the national coach and the benefit of training sessions together with guest presenters on a variety of topics.

Athletes accepted into the NTS will remain a member of the squad until the 31st December in the year they are selected.

For more detailed information regarding the National Training Squad please read the information below or click the link below for the current NTS Policy:

National Training Squad Policy
updated 30th September 2015



TBA will invite all silver level TBA registered members who meet at least one of the below criteria to apply:

  1. In each year, all current Australian team representatives (including Asian Championships, Commonwealth Tenpin Bowling Championships, Men's and Women's World Championships, World & Asian Youth Championships, Asian Schools and QubicaAMF World Cup)
  2. Top 20 ranked adult and youth bowlers in both the male and female divisions in the preceding year
  3. In each year, members of the respective All Star Teams from TBA national events - Rachuig, Youth Team Challenge and President's Shield
  4. Male and Female winners of the following TBA national events: Australian Masters, National Youth Cup and Australian Junior Masters

Skills Testing

All athletes wishing to be selected into the National Training Squad must undergo and successfully complete a skills test.

The skills test consists of:

10x pocket hits on a TBA approved pattern
10x 10 pin spare shots
10x 7 pin spare shots
10x 3,6,10 (R/H) or 2,4,7 (L/H) spare shots
10x 2,8 (R/H) or 3,9 (L/H) spare shots

For athletes to achieve a pass mark they must score 80% or higher on EACH component of the test. Juniors must achieve 70% or higher.

National Training Squad Skills Testing Procedures


Selection Criteria

The National Selection Panel considers the following criteria when selecting athletes into the National Training Squad:

  1. Satisfies eligibility requirements
  2. Skills test results
  3. Current TBA rankings position
  4. Individual tournament results
  5. Coachability
  6. Training Ethics
  7. Athlete behaviour

Superseded Policies

National Training Squad Policy 2015 (Superseded)

National Training Squad Policy 2013 - 2014 (Superseded)

National Training Squad Policy 2011 - 2013 (Superseded)