Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed some of the most commonly asked questions about membership.

If you have any additional questions, please contact the National Office on (07) 3262 4455 or email

Don't know your TBA number?

To get started, open, preferably in Google Chrome.

To search for a member, or find your TBA number, simply enter First name and Surname in the search box in the top right hand corner of the Tenpin Results web page.

Hit the 'enter' button on your keyboard or click the magnifying glass icon with your mouse.

The 6-digit number next to the surname in brackets is the persons' TBA Number.

Here you will also be able to access your membership number along with your contact details which can be updated at any time.

What are the dates of the membership year?

Membership is based on the calendar year, January 1 - December 31.

When will my membership expire? What if I join mid-year?

If your membership has lapsed, your benefits (including the comprehensive personal accident insurance for current TBA members, and your eligibility for our awards program) will be reinstated as soon as you renew. 

Please note that membership is not transferable.

How do I become a registered TBA member?

How you become a member of TBA depends on what centre you bowl in.  Please talk to your local bowling centre to determine which membership option they have selected.

All bowling centres have elected to register their league bowlers in one of 3 ways:

1. Your centre can charge you a traditional membership which will be $33 for adults and $22 for juniors.

2. Your centre may opt for cents per league game option whereby your TBA membership will paid off over the course of the year at a cost of $0.25 per league game. 

3. Your centre may adopt to pay TBA an agreed lane levy and your centre will then advise league bowlers how they will be charged for membership.

Can I sign up online?

Online membership is only available at selected bowling centres and in certain circumstances. 

Volunteers, bowlers who compete in tournaments but do not bowl league, and selected centres opting for traditional membership are able to complete their registration through our online portal.  

All other bowlers need to comply with the membership option selected by their centre.  Please talk to your centre for further information and to discuss payment options.

What benefits will I receive for being a TBA member?

  • Comprehensive personal accident insurance in the event you injure yourself whilst bowling*
  • Award recognition with TBA Awards Program including TBA header bar, game achievement bars, high performance awards such as 300 games, plus a fully automated award system at participating centres. 
  • You can activate your digital SportsPass app - keep your SportsPass card on your smart phone & use it at over 1000 national retail partners for over 2000 unique experiences
  • SportsPass Card offering savings at more than 250 national partners and thousands of brands you already use
    Discounted practice rates
    for members at all TBA registered bowling centres *conditions apply
  • Choose from either 15% off the best rate of the day or corporate rates with rental car partner Europcar
  • 15% discount off the best available room rate with Choice Hotels
  • Bi monthly e-newsletter distributed via email
  • Access to support services, including advice on rules for league and tournaments along with other sport related general enquiries
  • Bowlers online portal where you can access your personal statistics on league and tournament scores bowled in participating centres*
  • Cash Rewards - to sart receiving cash back, simply visit and complete the simple registration process, and you can start earning $$$ back.

Will I still receive a membership card?

Yes most definitely!  Membership cards will be sent to your bowling centre ready for you to collect once you have paid your fee.

There are some important things you need to be aware of in order to get the maximum benefit from your membership. 

Your membership card will continue to provide you with access to the SportsPass program which contains hundreds of discounts, 2 for 1 offers, upgrades and other offers from over 250 national retailers.  Simply visit the SportsPass website at to activate your card and start saving! 

If you do not wish to activate your SportsPass card, then the card simply acts as your TBA membership card.

The SportsPass program is only accessible for members who activate their card.

It should be noted that the Member ID on the back of your card is not your TBA membership number.  If you are an existing TBA member, your membership number will remain unchanged and if you are joining for the first time you will be assigned with a new lifetime membership number. 

What if I lose my card?

Please look after your card as lost membership cards will incur a $5.00 admin fee to replace.

How do I become a TBA member if I am a Volunteer or don't bowl league?

Online registration (at a cost of $33 for adults and $22 for juniors) can be purchased online for volunteers, non-league bowlers and at selected bowling centres who are collecting membership traditionally.  Please head to  to complete the simple registration process or to check if your bowling centre accepts online registration.
If you are an existing TBA member, you will need to set up a new username and password before proceeding to the renewal process.  New members will need to complete a simple online registration form and create a password in order to register.

How are AMF Centres processing membership?

Bowlers will pay the full registration of $33 for league registration ($22 for juniors) upfront to the bowling centre or Online.
For further information, please contact your local AMF bowling centre.

Will I have to pay more for TBA membership if I bowl in more than one league?

Generally speaking no.  However, as there are multiple options for payment of membership available, bowlers may be paying slightly different amounts depending on the method chosen by their centre, regardless of how many leagues they bowl in.  So a bowler competing in a centre using the cents per game system bowling 2 leagues per week will invariably pay more throughout the year. 

Towards the end of the year, TBA will invite any league bowler who has contributed more than $40 ($27 for a junior) to apply to TBA for a full refund over and above the fees of $33 and $22 for league and junior membership.  Refunds will be made to league bowlers via direct credit into a nominated bank account before the end of the year.

For those bowling in multiple centres using different membership options (e.g. lane levy and cents per game) TBA is once again happy to provide a refund upon substantiation by the bowler that a contribution over and above $40 for an adult or $27 for a junior has been made.

What if I bowl in two centres that have selected different membership models?

For those bowling in multiple centres using different membership options eg lane levy and cents per game, TBA is once again happy to provide a refund upon substantiation by the bowler that a contribution over and above $40 for an adult or $27 for a junior has been made.
Should you experience any issues, please contact the National Office at (07) 3262 4455 or email and we will be happy to assist.

Why is there no discount for concession members any longer?

TBA, AMF and the Australian Bowling Proprietors Association (representing the independent bowling centres) committed to fixed pricing from 2015 for the three years! 

With a guaranteed price until 31 December 2017, the sport and the industry believe this represents excellent value, particularly when compared to other sports registration fees.

What about Silver membership?

TBA will continue to offer Silver membership to our more serious league and tournament bowlers.  This membership is available online for an additional fee of $44.

The total cost to become a Silver member is $77 (for adults) and $66 (for juniors), remembering that you will need to have to have paid your league membership at your local centre (at a cost of $33 for adults and $22 for juniors) in order to upgrade to Silver.

Silver membership is for bowlers wishing to play at a state or national representative level, participate in the state based training program or gain rankings points in the National Rankings program.  Silver membership is not mandatory for TBA Disabilities and Restricted State Team members.

I am bowling in a tournament in January and I need to be a TBA member. How do I register?

Given that most leagues do not return for the New Year until late January or early February, TBA is willing to recognise any league bowler who bowls league in a registered bowling centre as a TBA member for the purposes of bowling in any accredited tournaments or ranked events in January through to the end of February.

However, once your local centre has advised you of how it will collect registration fees, it is your responsibility to ensure you are a paid up member.  TBA reserves the right to rescind any rankings points later in the year should it determine that a bowler has failed to pay their registration fee. 

How do I know if my centre is registered?

The great news is that almost all 2016 registered centres will be registered in 2017. 

TBA has updated the list of registered centres.  Just go to our list of Registered Centres if you are unsure. 

What if my centre is not registered in 2017?

For centres that opt not to be registered for 2017, the changes to services provided by TBA are as follows: 

1. Lanes will no longer be measured and accredited with TBA and any high game or series achievements such as 300 games or 800 series will not be recognised.  Bowlers will not be eligible for any awards.
2. League bowlers will not be covered by TBA's personal accident insurance policy and will not have a recognised average unless they bowl league in another registered centre. 
3. TBA accredited coaches will not be covered by TBA's professional indemnity insurance whilst coaching in an unaccredited centre.
4. Support services, including clarification of rules or other general enquiries, will no longer be provided.
5. The centre will be unable to host any accredited tournaments ranging from local events through to State and National Championships and TBA Ranked Events.
6. Centres that compete in Intercentre Championships such as Country Cup, Association Challenge, Interdistrict to name a few examples would be unable to compete if the event is TBA accredited.

What is the definition of a league?

The TBA rule book defines a league in Rule 301 as any group of four or more teams of players or four or more individual players participating according to a pre-arranged schedule regardless of whether prizes are offered.
If there is any sort of recording of results by the centre or league, point allocations, averages and handicaps recorded and/or prizes are awarded as a result of the outcome of the games bowled, this is considered a league and TBA membership is a requirement. 

If participation is regular but there is no recording of scores, averages, handicaps with no annual or season champion declared or individual awards presented based on scores throughout the season, this does not constitute a league and membership is not required for those bowlers.

This includes disability leagues (including Special Olympics) and junior leagues.

What about travel leagues?

Bowlers competing in travel leagues are required to be TBA members if they are competing in a TBA registered centre.

However if a travel league bowls in a centre that collects membership under the 25c game levy system, any games bowled during that travel league are exempt from the 25c levy.  It is the responsibility of the travel league committee to ensure that all bowlers participating in the league are registered TBA members.

Further Questions

Should you have any additional questions, please contact the National Office on (07) 3262 4455 or email