Darwin Gold Cup

Darwin Gold Cup


The Darwin Gold Cup was held from 1st to 23rd November. 


Check out the News Archives page for detailed information about the Darwin Gold Cup 2014, or check this summary.


Congratulations to all participants.


Winner of the Men's Scratch division was Bruno Maglieri.

Winner of the Women's Scratch division was Bec Voukolos.

Winner of the Graded division was Eryn Cubillo.

Winner of the Sub-Graded division was Amelia Sands.


List of qualifiers can be found here.

Detailed results of all the divisions can be found here.



Darwin Gold Cup: Womens Scratch: 1st Bec Voukolos, 2nd Jaime Maglieri, 3rd Nat Shelley
Darwin Gold Cup: Mens Scratch: 1st Bruno Maglieri, 2nd Robert Fulton, 3rd Ron Voukolos
Darwin Gold Cup: Graded: 1st Eryn Cubillo, 2nd James Holland, 3rd Joe Tomasinski
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