National Disability Championship

The 30th National Tenpin Bowling Championship for Persons with a disability is set to commence from the 6th to the 16th June 2018 at AMF Woodville, South Australia.

AMF Woodville
819 Port Road
Woodville, South Australia

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2018 Entry Form here

2018 Schedule- Updated 12/2/18 - here

2018 National Disability Master Events

This year’s event will introduce a new masters division to the Championship, the Classic Masters.

There will now be three masters divisions:

1) Restricted Masters: This is a handicap event based on 100% of 200. Open to all male and female bowlers whose average is 119 and below.

2) Classic Masters: This is a handicapped event based on 100% of 200. Open to all male and female bowlers whose entering averages for the championships are between 120 and 159.

3) Open Masters: This is a scratch event open to male and female bowlers whose entering averages for the championships is 160 and above.

Challenge Rules & State Team Rules

Cole Cup State Team Challenge Rules

Open State Team Rules

Previous Results

2017 Cole Cup & Open State Challenge - here
National Championship Results here


2015 Results

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2013 Results

What is the Joint Management Committee?

For several years, TBA and the Australian Disabilities Tenpin Inc Organisation has staged its own successful National Championship.  However both organisations could see the enormous value in bringing the championships together with the view to providing the best outcomes and benefits for people with a disability and the sport of tenpin bowling throughout Australia.

In July 2012, Tenpin Bowling Australia Ltd established a joint management committee (JMC) to oversee the unification and provide a framework to develop the best experiences and competition opportunities for bowlers with a disability.

Committee members represent key organisations involved with the championships including Tenpin Bowling Australia, Australian Disabilities Tenpin Inc. and the Australian Sports Commission.

Current JMC Committee Members
Michael Cooke, Don Atkinson, Allan Hatton, Beth Boyd, Chris Rushton, Matt Stevens

All enquiries for the JMC can be emailed to and these can be forwarded to specific JMC members.

National Disability Championships - Frequently Asked Questions

This document has been written to answer the frequently asked questions received through the feedback process that was recently undertaken.  We are looking forward to increasing the options and participation opportunities and choice for all members of the community with a disability.

2013 NDC Document